A Hard Day's Night

Sunday, August 9, 2009

This is my first blog entry as a married man. As such, I have to really focus to keep from rambling on about multi-touch screens or other weird things like on my previous blogs, and actually write about my life. So here goes.

This past week we have been house sitting in SLC for some very kind friends. The days consisted of errands, moving out of provo, and Twitter. Yeah I have still been the twitter master for @worldhistory for FamilyLink.com. It was a little slow as of late because of the denial-of-service attack launched mid-week.

So during the down time, I learned all about the Beatles and their revelutionary usage of monitor speakers at the concert in 1965 at Atlanta stadium. It was the first time speakers were pointed back towards a performing band so they could actually hear themselves over the thousands of screaming women. After learning this, I sparked an idea for a fun date with Camille. I found us some tickets to the concert.

I found the set list and made a playlist on her iPod so we could "go" to the concert. I also called Blockbuster and reserved a copy of "A Hard Day's Night", a Beatles movie. The plan was to go the SLC temple, then afterwards pick up burritos from Barbacoa prior to going out to the concert on the Salt Flats. I was really pumped to go out on the Salt Flats and top out the Camry. (Random history fact: land speed record of 662 mph was made out on the Salt Flats using the "Blue Flame" jet engine car). Anyways, after coming out of the temple, we stepped into a massive wind storm that was taking power out in various parts of the city. So we resorted to jamming out in the car, and taking the movie back to the apartment. By the end of the movie I could tell the 4 Beatles apart and identify them by voice in their songs. (Baby steps Camille, baby steps.) Despite the weather, it was a really fun date and it turns out that the Beatles still do perform Rain, Shine, or wind.


B said...

Russ - what a good sport you are. So impressed.

Lindsey said...

cute date idea russ! and i like the random fact about the salt flats... that's fast.

Hayley Marie said...
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Hayley Marie said...

I love that you are working on your knowledge of the Beatles! You'll have to ask Camille about the time she quizzed all the roommates to see if anyone could name all of them... there were some interesting responses (possibly Elton Jon?) haha she was so patient and kind enough to enlighten us :)