The Transient Diaries

Monday, August 31, 2009

I have realized our blog is misleading. To the uniformed reader it appears we went straight from getting married in Utah to our new home in San Antonio! This is so not true. For almost a month after we got married we traveled all over the US. For my own peace of mind, I feel that I must document this crazy month we just experienced. So here goes...

Week after we got married: HONEYMOON IN CABO SAN LUCAS

Scary water taxi to the famous arch... look at that huge wave that's about to capsize our little boat. Yeah, slightly unnerving.
Sitting at our resort pool chairs.

I have no clue what's going on in this picture, and I actually don't think we are even in Salt Lake. But I thought it was funny, so now you get to look at it.

We went to my house for a week in Spokane and had a great time. Here we spent lots of time on the lake and getting ready for reception #2 in my backyard. It was fun to have absolutely nothing on our schedules and to spend time with both our families at once. Thanks again to the Lewis/Milne families for driving up, and to my family for the amazing reception and more! We are so blessed with such amazing families.
Reception #2 with B and Stu (hey that rhymes!)
So one morning in Spokane this is the creepy face I woke up to. Russ had woken up at 6 am on his own and shaved his beard to this little number. When I woke up a little later he found my reaction to his mustache quite amusing. It's OK if you think it's creepy and disturbing... I do too.
We spent the weekend at a rental house on Long Lake. It was so fun lounging around with family and getting those early morning water skiing runs on pure glass in. Here I am with Marcella and Anthony Milne.
Boat times. We love boat times.

Sounds dramatic, I know. But it actually was. Russ and I have both spent the last 5 or 6 years of our lives in Utah making close friends and being near our families. As much as we were excited to get out and have our own adventures, we were still sad to leave our families and close friends. We said so many goodbyes...

Goodbyes to friends... here I am with Danielle, one of my best friends/former roommates
Goodbyes to bikes... I know, I was just as shocked as you. But Russ sold his second love (Jamie the mountain bike) to his good friend Dane since Texas lacks in extreme mountainous trails. It truly was just as heart wrenching.
Goodbyes to family... I will miss being down the street from my big sis and her husband. It has been fun becoming best friends with my sister.


Goodbye to my hair! I chopped it. I did the deed in anticipation of 80% humidity in Texas, and am glad I did. I miss the long hair, but this short new do is much easier to handle. Sigh...

It was fun going to Albuquerque to see Russ's stomping grounds and where he grew up. The people were so nice in Albuquerque, and we had fun at our reception #3 (horizontal rain and all).
Last wedding reception!
Russ is saying hello to his childhood house.
Seeing the sights of Albuquerque... and matching (totally coincidental. I guess the whole "married couple" thing is already getting to us)

Week five: MOVING TO TEXAS!!!!!!!
We were really excited to get to San Antonio and finally unpack the suitcases we had been living out of for 5 weeks. The drive was actually quite miserable as Russ and I had to drive separately with him in the moving truck and me in the other car. But after 22 hours of driving we made it!

Russ's ride, that lucky duck. (sarcasm) He really got into the whole "tough trucker guy" thing.
The lovely view I stared at for many, many hours.
...and this is how I felt about it.

Anyway, we're here now, and that's all that matters. This last month of transience has been quite the adventure and we feel so lucky to have had this time after we got married. But now we are here and, believe it or not, are so very ready to start working and get back to "real life." Does that mean we're responsible adults now?

PS. Our tip to Austin failed... we are still dining on our cardboard box.


Techno Kath said...

It's great to look at these pics! You two are quite the happy couple! But I'm so sad that your trip to Austin failed you in your search for a decent kitchen table.

Marcella said...

I am happy to see pictures! We miss you guys! Love the hair cut camille! Perfect length. Good luck furnishing your little apartment. It is so fun to do that kind of stuff!

Keepin' Up with the Jones said...

I am glad you posted an update of all the MANY things you have been doing. I can relate to the 20 hour drives! those are rough! Also I LOVE you hair, smart move with that humidity.

Caitlin said...

Exciting!!! The adventures begin!! Those are great pics, and I can't wait to see more. You guys are the best and I miss you already. Have fun out there, keep posting pictures so I can feel like you're not so far away!

Danielle Walton said...

Mills! You did it! You chopped it off! I love it. I mostly just love and miss you but I love the hair too. You've had a CRAZY month and I'm glad you finally have a place to call HOME.

Lindsay said...

NO WAY! YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?!?!?! Jealous, Im contractually not allowed to cut mine. That was a serious comment. hahahah! Glad you guys made it safe!