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Thursday, September 3, 2009

So we got new phones. As many of you know, I have had quite the internal debate over which phone to go with as this was my first smartphone purchase. With the iPhone maturing so well, the Palm Pre making an impact, and the promise of Android growing in the future, I didn't know what to do. Luckily the cost of phone plans and hardware helped me decide. Camille and I started out by going to the Sprint store and were sorely disappointed. I was excited to see the new Palm Pre and try it out. Last palm I used was the Palm V. The phone itself seemed nice, but the store was very busy and the plans didn't seem to fit what we wanted. Neither of our families are on the Sprint network, so the people we call the most would cost the most. They did have a nice table of costs contrasting the total cost of ownership for an iPhone to the Palm Pre and the difference was staggering. Here is a link to a great table comparing features and costs across all 3

So after that experience, we went to the t-mobile store by our apartment complex. It was a fresh feeling to walk in and the store manager helped us as soon as we entered. She asked a series of questions and led us to the myTouch. Camille immediately loved the little white phone and I thought it looked cool too. The price was great and with EY many fees were waived. Next thing I knew, we were checking out of the store with two knew smartphones.

After a week of using the phone, we love it. Calls are great, and the UI for Android has proven to be very easy to use. The seamless sync with my Google account has been great. All my contacts are in my phone and I have been adding phone numbers to these accounts as time has gone on. There are plenty of apps, and just having the internet available wherever you are is a awesome. Camille uses a recipe app while she is shopping to get the ingredients she needs. We used an app to find movie showtimes in nearby theaters while shopping in Austin and saw "Sister's Keeper". 3G coverage is solid in San Antonio, and it proved helpful in our search for furniture. While shopping we would surf craigslist, and we ended up finding a table and buying it all with the phone. With Flash coming to the phone in early October, the platform will really gain momentum and I'm excited to see more hardware come out. I have been pleased with the choice and highly recommend the phone to prospective buyers.

PS. Camille has asked that I limit my technical commentary on the phone as this is not a "tech" blog. So if you want the real nitty gritty, message me, or maybe I'll put a post up on


Danielle Walton said...

hahaha oh Russ! You're hilarious.

Brent MC said...

Go Android! Love my G1 as well and finally a blog I can sink my teeth into...just kidding Camillie Head, love your blogs too!

Russ, going to My Sister's Keeper aka major "chick flick"...way to score serious points!

3G just getting here in the speed!