Up = A Must See

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So I know this movie has been out for while, but Russ and I went to the dollar theater last night and saw this most adorable movie. We both loved it.

It has a good mix of humor, adventure, cutesy stuff, and more! There were families young and old in the theater, and even after being in the theaters for four months it still got an applause during the credits. Both Russ and I walked away remembering what's most important in life, and I went to bed with a fresh outlook on life.

Really, go see/rent it. It's great.


rach said...

i bawled my eyes out in the first fifteen minutes. seriously good music score, too.

Rachel and Jason said...

I LOVE this movie. Jase and I saw it in 3D even. Ha! And I'm with Rach...I cried the first 15 minutes, too.

Elyse said...

We just saw it in the dollar theater, too! SO darling. Love love.