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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Russ was right. ACL was epic! I have been to many DMB concerts, but never have I made eye contact with Mr. Matthews himself. Yes, we made eye contact, and that is because I was on the second row. Absolutely incredible.

Saturday was probably the longest day of my life, considering we got to the stage at 12:30 and were STANDING there till after 10 at night IN THE POURING RAIN. Like not just a drizzle, I'm talking a downpour. I thought my legs were going to fall off, either from exhaustion or being water-logged, or something. But we had to be bold and fight the masses to keep such a wanted spot. At least the eternal wait provided entertainment throughout. Other bands we saw include:
  • Alberta Crossing -- cool British band with really long hair and skinny jeans
  • Mute Math -- seriously amazing performers, with back flips off pianos and more
  • Citizen Cope -- awesome music, chill guy with dreadlocks
  • Levon Helm Band -- pretty folky/down south rock, but not bad rock for a 69 year old fron man.
Anyway, it was awesome. ACL knows how to do a festival, and as always, Dave knows how to put on a rockin' show.


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Techno Kath said...

So jealous! Maybe I'll make it next year...