Celebrating the Arts

Monday, October 12, 2009

New discovery: I NOW LIVE FOR THE WEEKENDS. Russ and I try to make the most of the time we don't have to spend sitting in front of a computer. This weekend we definitely made the most of it.

Saturday was my favorite.

We woke up, exercised for like 25 minutes (hey, it was a Saturday...) and then made up for it by eating a fantastic french toast breakfast with real french bread. All french toast fans know that french bread is the secret to good french toast. Russ also surprised me with the perfect fall treat-- a pumpkin spice steamer from Starbucks. Seriously amazing.

In the afternoon we went downtown to "Chalk It Up," a fun little event where local artists in the area come and display their talent on the streets of San Antonio in chalk. It was fun to walk around and smell the kettle corn and tacos. While walking around, we passed the Majestic theater, an impressive historic theater in downtown that was advertising for that night's Symphony -- Beethoven's 7th.

Obviously, we came back that evening to continue celebrating the arts. I LOVE SYMPHONIES. Everything about them--the atmosphere, the culture, getting all fancy and dressed up, and obviously the music. Beethoven's 7th is one of my favorites, specifically the 2nd movement. When that piece was played, I wasn't sure if the chills I got were from the music or the frigid theater... but I'm pretty sure it was music. I realized this weekend that listening to classical music is one of the few times my brain actually stops. My mind is clear, and I am left as the only one in the room listening to the many emotions and thoughts that Beethoven was trying to portray.

Needless to say, Russ and I felt quite cultured after this weekend. Oh how we love to celebrate the arts.

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Really, Camille, we were so meant to be friends.