Diet Cokes Anonymous -- Session 2

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For you "Writings on the Wall" readers who have been with me since the "La Di Da" days, you will know that I have a history of being shamelessly addicted to Diet Coke. [You can read about my coming out here]. Well I thought I would keep you informed of my status.

I am proud to say that I no longer need my 44 oz. daily fountain drink. This is huge, people. Almost every day this last summer I stopped by the local 7-11 and filled up my 44 oz. mug. Yeah, serious addict.

No, I am not completely off the juice yet, but I have limited myself to a can a day. Both Russ and I are quite proud of this progress, so for those of you still snickering and thinking to yourself "she's fooling herself--she's still addicted," just allow me to revel in my achievements via this post.
Thank you.

[Note: I still hold claim to the fact that a fountain drink is much better, and I do indulge in the fountain Diet Coke when we occasionally go out to eat, and yes, I still, and probably will always, love Diet Coke a lot].


Angela said...

Love it! I did read the fine print, and agree that a fountain drink is much better, and remember, my child, DC runs in your blood!

Marcella said...

CAMILLE I am so proud of you! It is good not to have addictions! I must say I love to indulge in soda myself every once in a while but I am proud to say I am not addicted! YOU ARE DOING SO GOOD! I will update Matthew on your achievements! Hopefully we can get him moving along the path you are on! I love your mom's comment! :)

Jessy Carlisle said...

My name is Jessy, and I too am addicted to Diet Coke. I too have limited myself over the past few months. I started out by just 1 can a day, but I am proud to say I am down to only drinking soda when we go out to eat. (More reason to not cook and eat at a restaurant). Love ya Camille!