Dirty Maggie

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of my older sister's many attributes that I admire is her ability to be assertive, or in other words, to not let people walk all over her. I, on the other hand, have been known to do just that (and HERE, my friends, is a perfect example). Examples like mean-0 Sally have made me want to be more assertive, to take action to the situations that present themselves in my life.

I have been dreadfully neglectful to my dear Toyota Camry (who is named Maggie), and she has built up a pretty good layer of dirt. This morning I left for work a tad earlier than usual and decided it was time to pamper her by even buying the "expensive" Valero Super Wash ($8... blech). After pulling out of the wash, I got out to dry off the last water droplets. After wiping the car for a minute or so I notice Maggie is no longer covered in dirt, but more of a muddy film. The car wash did NOT clean off the dirt, it merely got it wet! Initially I thought "oh well... there goes eight bucks. I'll just have to go somewhere else next time." And then I remembered the story about Sally and my sister's comment under the post. It's time to take action.

I marched (but really, it was more like a walk) into the gas station and demanded my money back (but really, I just nicely told the man the car wash did not clean my car off all the way). He kind of laughed and gave me a receipt with a code to go through the car wash again. OK, not really what I wanted (I wanted my $8 back), but hey, you can't push the envelope. So I went through the car wash again, and this time I just pulled out without going through the dryer part and wiped the whole car down myself. So really, I guess I cleaned my own car, and it kind of just looks filmy, and it made me 15 minutes late for work. But hey, I was assertive.


Keepin' Up with the Jones said...

Go Camille! I had the same thing happen at my car wash... but of course I was NOT assertive. I should learn from you!

B said...

I'm not sure what to think about this...is it a compliment or do I just sound really mean? (I promise, I'm not).

Caitlin said...

Nice work lady! Way to work it!