Don't Mess With the Party Planning Committee

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I somehow got roped into being on the party planning committee here at my work.

I want out. I don't like staying after work decorating the hall with garbage bags and construction paper to make a "haunted forest" just so we can beat the audit team.

Honestly? I could care less who wins the competition.

But I'm kind of scared of speaking up. After all, I am the new girl, and something like this might happen:


Candace said...

haha! party planning committee? look at you go. and angela, well she's fantastic. is it bad to say the office is what keeps me going md-week?

B said...

It could be worse. Actually, (I'm not saying this to be annoying, but just as advice). I have found that at work, it's best to involve yourself in as many opportunities as possible (even if it's the party planning committee). Anytime people have asked me to be involved, I've jumped at the opportunity. I've even volunteered for things liks this out of my own free will.

I've found these activities are a great way to get involved, be seen by others who may not normally get to know you, and meet others who will admire you for your enthusiasm and attitude just as much as your work. You will become more influential in the company - I'm serious.

It's actually a good career move.

But if you have a breakdown like Angela, do let me know!