Mail from a little country called Japan

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I got a letter from my brother who's serving a mission for our church in Japan. It made my day/week/month. It's pretty funny how he can say something for the sake of saying something, without knowing how much it applies to MY life, right here, right now. Good ol' inspiration, I guess.

Jace with his trusty bike, Kevin.

We have come so far. "We" as in my family. We have all been learning valuable life lessons--some hard, some not so much. But either way, we are all growing. To quote my wise little brother:
"I love hearing about you and B and thinking about where I am. We are all over the world now! Doing completely different things, all with incredibly different facets and details involved, yet with all of the different lessons yielding the same result, and that is helping us become like our Savior. So cool."
So cool indeed, my brother.

So here's to life.
Here's to growing, learning, struggling.
Here's to taking on new adventures.
And here's to remembering how blessed we are to be in a world sorrounded by those people we love.


Angela said...

I read posts like this and I get a little emotional. . . I just love my family. . . they are all so awesome! Thanks Camille, Brittney and Jace for always teaching.

B said...

Good post you.