Workin' for the Weekend

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I know it's Tuesday, which I think officially makes it "mid-week," but I still can't get over this weekend. It was everything a weekend should be... relatively unplanned, laid-back, stress-free and no tax accounting involved. It consisted of:
Hanging out with/making new friends
Hiking in a park
A smidge of holiday shopping

Oh and plenty {and probably too much} of this:
I've always been kind of anti video games, but our apartment complex gave us a Wii as a "welcome gift" (I agree with my sister when she said, "random!"). I found this little time zapper of a game for 60% off on Amazon (score!) and two days later Russ and I found ourselves taking a ride through Beatlemania. This really is as close to my childhood dreams as I have come (I literally used to dress up as Ringo at the age of 10 while my two other girl friends and I recorded ourselves playing Beatles songs along with their cardboard guitars). Thank goodness I followed my dreams. Although, we better slow down or else we will have beaten the whole game before Thanksgiving.

To be honest, I shouldn't really complain about this workweek... I'm taking my first vacation day this Friday when we get our first visitors! Russell's cute sister Marcella and her family of 4 are coming down to play with us and our friend Shamu. I can assure you that updates will come as needed.

Until then, I will keep on workin' for the weekend.

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Ashton + Brian said...

Don't you just live for the weekends now? I swear that's the only time I see Brian. Life gets soo busy after you get married!!

Have fun with Marcella & Co.! That will be so much fun. Brian and I went to dinner at the Lewis house last Sunday. I felt like we were the wrong couple taking your place!! Haha We all wished you were there!