We found snow!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Today, the day after Christmas, we found snow. Oh how I miss it. We are currently in Spokane, Washington. I love the northwest... I really don't know how else to say it. Today we went snowmobiling in search of the good ol' white stuff. Despite having to dig out a few stuck machines, rolling two snowmobiles, and dislocating my knee, we had an incredibly epic day of riding. The sun was out, the snow was perfect, and the company was even better. I'm only slightly limping, and my knee is only slightly bruising and swollen, and it was totally worth it. I will just need to take it easy so I can heal up for snowboarding next week.

I loved watching Russ experience "true riding" today. He had been on a snowmobile before, but going with my wonderful father is a whole different story. Russ did awesome, and I think he may have found a new hobby. 
 Before the ride. Excited and happy to be in snow.
This is me on top of Mt. Kalispell enjoying the absolutely gorgeous view. Oh, and this is moments before I attempted the steep climb one more time before the end of the day and ended up rolling the machine on top of my leg. All for the love of the sport, right?

Other than snowmobiling, we have been catching up with family and friends, eating, playing games, and eating even more. I have especially LOVED spending time with Brittney and Stuart. I miss them so very much. We also got to talk to Jace on the phone. He is serving a mission for our church in Kobe, Japan and we get to talk to him on the phone twice a year--Christmas and Mother's Day. I think the phone call pushed 4 hours. He sounds great, and speaks Japanese which is so random; honestly, he could be speaking gibberish and I wouldn't know any different. But it was fun to catch up with him. We miss him like crazy, but are so proud of him for his dedication, unwavering faith, and optimism.
The family gathered around the phone on Christmas Eve, talking to Jace who is so very far away.
I love my family.

Hope your holidays have been just as enjoyable as ours, and hopefully a little more injury free.


Sheri Bird said...

You guys are die-hards! Stayed up till midnight on Christmas playing "King and Queen or is it called scumbag?" and then snowmobiling the next day?! You R crazy people!
So fun to have you here and enjoy all of you. I love Russ and Stewart~you both married amazing men.
Happy new year Camilleeee head! Love you~

Caitlin said...

ahhh fun! I miss you guys! I wish you could come to Utah! Happy New Year, I hope you have a great one!

rach said...

spokane rocks.

only seeing you at church sucked.

my new year's resolution is to stop saying suck.

sorry your knee hurts...the same one you hurt before??