Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So my mom said my last post was cryptic.

My apologies. I didn't mean to be so vague; I was just trying to avoid being a major whiner. But to keep my most loyal readers (which means you) from losing sleep at night, I will give a quick synopsis on some of the not-so-good-luck moments Russ and I have experienced in the last few days. Here goes.

It started New Years Day when our already plan B activity (seeing a movie) was sold out. No big deal, right?

The next day was traveling back to San Antonio day (which also means traveling back to reality day).  My original plans the night before to say goodbye to my sister didn't work out, so when our plane was overbooked and we quickly offered to stay an extra day I was thrilled. We'd get $500 with US Airways and I'd get to hang out with big sis one more day! Oh wait, just as we get things worked out with Brittney the nice man at the desk tells us the seats have been booked in the short time he was taking our information. Long story short, emotions got high, Camille starts crying IN the airport. Not my finest moment.

We get home and realize my scriptures are not with us. It's okay, we took care of it later.

Sunday = last day of freedom.

Monday, back to work, except I have no work. I spend 8 hours feeling completely useless at my job.

Tuesday, icing on the cake day, I got in a little accident on the way to work. No worries, everyone is fine. Just a fun insurance claim and a broken front headlight. (And I am ashamed to say it technically was my fault, thanks to the nice Filipino woman who is brand new to the US and decided to come to a complete stop before merging onto the freeway).

Wednesday, Russ gets stuck in traffic going to work. FOR TWO HOURS. Meanwhile I'm at work getting in trouble for not doing something no one ever told me to do. While Russ drives home, he finds out that his dear canine friend, Bandit, was hit by a car. Bandit is now in critical condition. Pray for Bandit.

So that's it. I apologize for whining, and you don't need to feel sorry for us, I just wanted to assure some people that everything really is okay.

And actually, looking back at everything, it's all kind of funny.

Just remember, if you find yourself in one of these funks, just keep calm and carry on.


Sheri Bird said...

Oh my goodness, I can so relate to your life! You are not whining, It is called "Preventative-venting" It "Prevents" Strokes, heart attacks and all sorts of maladies. I recommend it and a good B-vitamin washed down with a diet soda when in need.
Love ya~
Sorry about Bandit. :(

Elyse said...

It's okay to cry. You can ask Andrew, I cry anywhere--I think I've cried in an airport at least three times! I love you :) Things will get better!

Keepin' Up with the Jones said...

Sorry... life sucks sometimes and doesn't it always seem that when it rains it POURS! Well I hope things are starting to look up again! Love YOu

Angela said...

Thanks for the "decryption." I'm glad you are OK and that everything is "no big deal" except for Bandit, of course. And I agree with Sheri. . . a diet soda makes everything better! Love you guys.

rach said...

hmm. A diet soda doesn't do it for about chips and salsa? Good times.

I am sad that you've had so much bad luck all in one swoop. You don't deserve it. Thanks for your encouraging words, though--sometimes I need to remember to Keep Calm and Carry On.

B said...

Okay - when you're were crying in the airport I was balling in the car (like wheezing balling) High emotions. I'm sad we missed you. But here's the bright side = LONDON.

My dreams are coming true. I'm glad you'll be in them.