Pot sticker pad thai anyone?

Monday, January 11, 2010

The swatch book is paying off!

A few months ago I made a "recipe swatch book" with some recipes for easy access. You know those times when you are in the grocery store and you can't remember all of the ingredients to make that one dish?? Well now I just pull the thin swatch book out of my purse and VOILA! I know what to pick up.

Anyway, we tried it out tonight. I whipped out my swatch book in the grocery store and within an hour we were home and eating "Pot Sticker Pad Thai."


{recipe found here}
*Because I don't want to bombard the blog with so many gadgets from Heritage Makers, if you'd like to view this handy little swatch book in a similar fashion to the scrapbook below, just let me know. No pressure...


Keepin' Up with the Jones said...

I want to see your cute Swatch book! After we talked awhile ago you inspired me to collect recipes... please continue to share ones that are successes so I can add them to my bunch!

rach said...

i wanna c!