A Majestic Evening

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday nights = date night. I look forward to them all week. This last weekend Russ put some extra thought into the evening and found tickets to the San Antonio symphony and a guest pianist playing Chopin. Oh how happy was I?

It has taken a lot of thought, but I can say with 95% confidence that Chopin is my very favorite composer to play (there is a 5% uncertainty due to strong love for other composers... I don't want to leave them out of my favorites list, it's not fair to them). I have spent many, many, many an hour practicing some of Chopin's pieces, and so when my sweet husband told me we would be seeing this symphony I was oh-so-excited. They started the evening off with Brahms, then Chopin, and finished it with Cesar Franck.

The symphony did an amazing job, and watching this incredible pianist play a 45 minute, 3-movement Chopin piece with such elegance and passion was delightful. San Antonio has a great theater, called "The Majestic," that really brings in some great shows. It is an older building, but has so much character and history. It's always fun to visit.

During this last visit to the Majestic we got a pretty good laugh out of the water fountains. Maybe we were so entertained by these miniature fountains due to the early morning (5:30 am!) and long day of work (two words: tax season), but look at this picture and tell me it doesn't at least make you chuckle.

I love date night, and I love going out on the town and supporting the local arts. After the Chopin piece ended, I regret to admit that I had a really hard time keeping my eyes open. I tried so hard. Hopefully next time I can stay awake longer than the kind senior citizen sitting next to me.

In Honor of Jace Garrett McLaws

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We call him...

Little bro
Jace Face

...and, last, but not least,


He is known by so many names, but most of all, to me he is my favorite little brother ever. I look up to him so much (both literally and figuratively), and I feel so blessed to call him my best friend and brother. He is in Japan right now serving a mission for our church, and I miss him like crazy, especially on days like today... because it's his BIRTHDAY! He has reached the ripe old age of 20. Welcome to the twenties, bro. It's a good place to be.

I love you!

Today I miss...

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I have been fortunate enough to live in places with beautiful natural scenery literally in my backyard or a short 15 minute drive away. I realize now that I took these places and the natural splendor they offer for granted.

Spokane, Washington by winter. I loved growing up here.

Spokane by summer. I miss trees. And natural bodies of water.
(PS. Look at that form! Go dad!)

Summer in Utah. Look at the changing colors starting to creep in. And those mountains.
(Taken from half way up Mt. Timpanagos)

Moab, Zions, and all the national parks Utah has to offer. That red rock is striking!

I love Texas, I do. But for some reason the practically flat, mostly dead foliage isn't quite as impressive as some of these places I was fortunate enough to live in and visit. We are trying to make the most of the situation by scoping out all the state parks, and we have luckily found some decent hiking trails. And I must admit that the 75 degree weather was very welcome today.

So the point is, just try not to take where you live for granted. I'm sure once you leave, if you leave, you will miss something (hopefully something) about your current place of abode.

{All photography by yours truly}

Rodeo, Round Two

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well it's happened. We have turned into true-blue Texans. Anyone would say that if you go to the rodeo TWICE within one week that makes you a true Texan. Even though it was a "work night" (you know, a school night, but for grown-ups) it was totally worth the yawns today.

It's time for you to meet our friends, Holly and Brent.

Holly was one of the first people I met in San Antonio. It was the first Sunday we went to church, and I saw Holly from far away and instantly thought "I want to be her friend." Well later in church we sat right behind her and her husband, and she just turns around and introduces herself like it's no big deal. And that's because it's not! I learned a lot from Holly that day! Sometimes moving to a new city is scary and you feel vulnerable and out of your comfort zone. But you have to get over it or else you will be lonely and awkward for a long time. She invited me to get together with some of her friends that week, and from then on we have been great friends. We always have a good time. (And might I add, they are the parents to some of our favorite little kids in the world.... need I remind you of THIS STORY).

Anyway, the rodeo was great. More cowboy hats, bull riding, barrel racing, and country music. Ok, I know some may be thinking "Camille going to a country music concert?" Shocking, I know. We saw Dierks Bentley, and I will be the first to admit he put on a great show.

And to finish off I will leave you with one resounding message: Yee haw!

My Valentine

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am sitting here on my couch wearing my valentine's gift reflecting on the past year of my life. A year ago from today, I had asked Camille to go to a Monster Truck rally with me. She politely declined (she had a family vacation in Vegas) and I spent the weekend alone. I called her up that day (had to make sure she wasn't lying right?) to wish her a happy valentine's day. Sure enough, she was driving out to Hoover dam and she really was in Vegas. Well a lot has happened since then and I like to think I've learned a thing or two. First being, don't plan a Valentine's date to a monster truck rally! Second to really appreciate what I have. I'm grateful to have such a great Valentine and wish the same to everyone else. Camille never ceases to surprise me with the things she does. Here are just a few things that I love about her:

1. She lets me disappear with a friend and my bike for four hours and doesn't even ask me what happened or why were you gone so long.
2. She carries apples for me.
3. She makes cute, creative cards for me that always manage to make me more emotional than I like.
4. Zesty chicken pasta alfredo.
5. Long drives and talking about our future.
6. Wandering around stores with her.
7. Dance parties in the car to Radiohead.
8. Baby watching at church

BTW, if you were wondering what it is I'm wearing, it is a smile that won't go away.

Sorry about the cheese, the gift is really a sweet green shirt from Gap.

A few firsts

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last night presented a few firsts in the life of Camille:
  • Getting to be in a "box" at an arena
  • Seeing a rodeo
  • Seeing a rodeo in a box at an arena
  • Watching Darius Rucker (main singer of Hootie and the Blow fish) sing on a revolving stage at an arena
Russ got some free tickets from his job to hang out in the company's box at the San Antonio Rodeo. It would be an understatement to say I was less than excited to go. It had been an early morning and a long day of tax returns, amplified by an hour commute on the way home. It's a good thing I have an amazing husband that is patient and kind and lets me be frustrated sometimes and let off some steam. And it's also a good thing I have a husband who is an "eternal optimist" and always tries to pack as much fun into our day as possible. Cause we did it. We packed a night of fun into our already full day. It ended up being a really fun night with more cowboy hats than I thought could fit into one solitary building.

May 2010: Getting Ready

Friday, February 5, 2010

You guessed it. We're goin' global!


The tickets were officially purchased a few weeks ago, and they are most definitely non-refundable (the obvious cheaper way to go), therefore we are locked into a European adventure from May 19 - June 1.

Exact details are not set in stone, but for now our rough itinerary is:
Bath / Stonehenge
Marseilles / Coast of France
Islands off of Spain

What will make this even better is the company:
Brittney and Stu (my sister and brother-in-law)
Caitlin and Robbie (Stuart's sister and her husband)
(Sorry Cait... I totally stole this from your blog...)
And one other couple (Chelsea and Rusty) who we do not yet know, but will become friends with and I'm sure will make it that much more exciting!

And now my friends, as tax season starts getting busier and busier, I will refer back to this post often to remind me why exactly I am preparing other people's taxes alllllll day long. 

Oh yeah, adventure. Bring it on.