A Majestic Evening

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday nights = date night. I look forward to them all week. This last weekend Russ put some extra thought into the evening and found tickets to the San Antonio symphony and a guest pianist playing Chopin. Oh how happy was I?

It has taken a lot of thought, but I can say with 95% confidence that Chopin is my very favorite composer to play (there is a 5% uncertainty due to strong love for other composers... I don't want to leave them out of my favorites list, it's not fair to them). I have spent many, many, many an hour practicing some of Chopin's pieces, and so when my sweet husband told me we would be seeing this symphony I was oh-so-excited. They started the evening off with Brahms, then Chopin, and finished it with Cesar Franck.

The symphony did an amazing job, and watching this incredible pianist play a 45 minute, 3-movement Chopin piece with such elegance and passion was delightful. San Antonio has a great theater, called "The Majestic," that really brings in some great shows. It is an older building, but has so much character and history. It's always fun to visit.

During this last visit to the Majestic we got a pretty good laugh out of the water fountains. Maybe we were so entertained by these miniature fountains due to the early morning (5:30 am!) and long day of work (two words: tax season), but look at this picture and tell me it doesn't at least make you chuckle.

I love date night, and I love going out on the town and supporting the local arts. After the Chopin piece ended, I regret to admit that I had a really hard time keeping my eyes open. I tried so hard. Hopefully next time I can stay awake longer than the kind senior citizen sitting next to me.

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Keith said...

WHICH BRAHMS?!?!?!?! My old oboe teacher was in the San Antonio Symphony way back when. I'm glad you had a good time!