My Valentine

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am sitting here on my couch wearing my valentine's gift reflecting on the past year of my life. A year ago from today, I had asked Camille to go to a Monster Truck rally with me. She politely declined (she had a family vacation in Vegas) and I spent the weekend alone. I called her up that day (had to make sure she wasn't lying right?) to wish her a happy valentine's day. Sure enough, she was driving out to Hoover dam and she really was in Vegas. Well a lot has happened since then and I like to think I've learned a thing or two. First being, don't plan a Valentine's date to a monster truck rally! Second to really appreciate what I have. I'm grateful to have such a great Valentine and wish the same to everyone else. Camille never ceases to surprise me with the things she does. Here are just a few things that I love about her:

1. She lets me disappear with a friend and my bike for four hours and doesn't even ask me what happened or why were you gone so long.
2. She carries apples for me.
3. She makes cute, creative cards for me that always manage to make me more emotional than I like.
4. Zesty chicken pasta alfredo.
5. Long drives and talking about our future.
6. Wandering around stores with her.
7. Dance parties in the car to Radiohead.
8. Baby watching at church

BTW, if you were wondering what it is I'm wearing, it is a smile that won't go away.

Sorry about the cheese, the gift is really a sweet green shirt from Gap.


naalie said...

This is my favorite post. Except for Russell forgot to mention what his Valentine's day was really like last year. He was sader than that post explained about the "vegas" excuse. So he spent Valentines with me eating pizza, donuts and chocolate cake with his default (his sister). I had the time of my life but I could tell he wanted something more. SO I am so glad to see this year was exactly what he wanted.

B said...

CHEESE INDEED! But cute. Isn't that what valentine's day is all about anyway?

Sheri Bird said...

Double cheese indeed...but oh so sweet Russ, that is why we love you.
We Birds think you two are adorable.

g. lock said...

How CUTE! I wish we could have hung out with you guys before you moved. But, I must agree with you, Camille is great! So, way to go for you.