Rodeo, Round Two

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well it's happened. We have turned into true-blue Texans. Anyone would say that if you go to the rodeo TWICE within one week that makes you a true Texan. Even though it was a "work night" (you know, a school night, but for grown-ups) it was totally worth the yawns today.

It's time for you to meet our friends, Holly and Brent.

Holly was one of the first people I met in San Antonio. It was the first Sunday we went to church, and I saw Holly from far away and instantly thought "I want to be her friend." Well later in church we sat right behind her and her husband, and she just turns around and introduces herself like it's no big deal. And that's because it's not! I learned a lot from Holly that day! Sometimes moving to a new city is scary and you feel vulnerable and out of your comfort zone. But you have to get over it or else you will be lonely and awkward for a long time. She invited me to get together with some of her friends that week, and from then on we have been great friends. We always have a good time. (And might I add, they are the parents to some of our favorite little kids in the world.... need I remind you of THIS STORY).

Anyway, the rodeo was great. More cowboy hats, bull riding, barrel racing, and country music. Ok, I know some may be thinking "Camille going to a country music concert?" Shocking, I know. We saw Dierks Bentley, and I will be the first to admit he put on a great show.

And to finish off I will leave you with one resounding message: Yee haw!


Marcella said...

YAY for TEXAS! You look great in that hat Camille! I love your friends too! She was super sweet.

Keepin' Up with the Jones said...

how fun! aren't rodeos great? I am jealous that you got to see dierks bentley I love him!