Because it's still the weekend...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I will post this picture. Cracks me up.

If you can't tell from the far right hand side of the picture, those are Utah mountains. Russell left poor ol' me here in Texas to prepare taxes as he went on a "business trip" to Utah. It was just so convenient that his whole family lives there! He had fun planning this weekend, as it was a surprise to most of his family besides Marcella.

Now you may be wondering why he is so animatedly showing off a Harry Potter lunch box that I know you are all envying. Well back off, it's mine. My friends from an internship I did a few years ago  gave this to me as a goodbye gift (shout out to Randi!), and it accidentally got left behind in our move, along with a bin full of other things from my old apartment. I leave for the airport in a few hours, and all I can say is I'm so glad to be getting my husband ... and Harry Potter lunch box... back to where they belong.

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rach said...


Thanks for calling me yesterday. You made my day. I love remembering good times! Hilarious.

I love you tons.

Glad you got your lunch box back (phew!)