The Great Experiment

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I was doing the grocery shopping at HEB (yes Russell grocery shops) and I spied some tomato plants sitting out front. I thought how nice it would be to have some of those babies pumping out tomatos for me. So I bought a couple with the idea of planting them in some pots on our balcony. I called my sister about the idea and she told me to get a topsy turvy. I had no idea what this was, so I googled it and found this.

If your reaction was the same as mine, you felt that no greater thing could have been invented and you had to get one right away. I first thought of staying up real late one night and waiting for the infomercial to come on to order it because you know there is always 'more' if you order one now. I couldn't wait that long though, so luckily the Walgreens on the corner had one available for $9.99. So I got some potting soil, a topsy turvy, and a pot and have officially begun my great experiment.

Exhibit A:

This is an Early Girl, and she already has blossoms.

Exhibit B:

This is a Celebrity with a tomato cage around it to help it grow up.

They get about 5-6 hours of sun and are potted in Miracle gro potting soil. I will keep you posted on how they do. Submit your vote on who you think is going to win by commenting below. :) As for me, I'm pulling for the Topsy.


Angela said...

You're amazing! I love that the guys in my family are experimenting with domesticity. . . I also vote for the Topsy--it's just too clever. They both will probably do great with all that Texas sunshine.

Caitlin said...

topsy! I totally want one! awesome!!!!

Marcella said...

Of course I am pulling for the Topsy! It better win!

Sheri Bird said...

The Topsy hands down. Early girls are so delicious though!
I saw those the other day and debated on getting one. This will be fun to watch so keep us posted!