I hate spring break

Monday, March 22, 2010

So if you are feeling as though your Monday has been less than optimal, here's a story:

As mentioned in the previous post, Russell and my Harry Potter lunchbox were supposed to return home to me last night. Ah ha! Not so fast. Once he boarded the plane in Salt Lake, they tell the passengers that the toilet is broken and they cannot take off. Russ is starting to worry he will miss his connection in Denver. He politely asks the stuartist if she thinks he will make it, otherwise he will stay in SLC with his family rather than a lonely airport hotel room. She assures him he will be fine. Well over an HOUR LATER, they take off, and once landing in Denver, the SAME stuartist tells all San Antonio passengers to go to the customer service desk. They have missed their connection. Are you serious lady? What happened to your calm assurance from earlier?

After much discussion with the oh-so-friendly airline staff last night and today, Russ learns that the soonest they can get him on a flight to San Antonio is Wednesday. Why, you ask? Oh, because it's SPRING BREAK. Everything -- on every airline -- is booked out, or should I say over booked. Why has it become Russell's problem that every airline over books their flight? It's not like he doesn't have a job to attend, a wife to come home to, and last but not least, jury duty to attend this week. Does someone get arrested if they don't show up to jury duty? No, I'm not going to go there.

Well in fear of rambling, I will just cut to the chase by telling you that he has been sitting in the airport all day, getting denied as a stand-on passenger time and time again. I just heard word that he got on to a flight to Austin (not the destination he paid for), and will have to rent a car and drive to his intended city.

Point of the story?
1. Buy direct flights in/out of San Antonio (this is our second time learning this lesson...)
2. Spring Break is not fun for those who don't actually get to be on a break.
3. All airlines, in some way or another, are corrupt.
4. This whole ordeal is because of a broken toilet.

The end.


Sheri Bird said...

Oh, Camille...Amazing...that really sucks!

Angela said...

No fun for either of you! Do you have to drive to Austin (again!!)to pick him up? BTW, I think you have been around Stuart, Fictionist and Austin a little too much lately--a flight attendant is not a stuartist, but a stewardess. You're too cute! Just another "camillyism" to add to the list!

rach said...

I'm fine with more Camillyisms, they are a riot. I will hereby call the ladies on the airlines "stuartists."

rach said...

Oh, and that really stinks. Sorry to you and Russ and your lunchbox.

Jessy Carlisle said...

BOOOO. I hate spring break too....mainly because we never got them in college, and we still don't get them with our "grown up" jobs.

Chioma said...

Yeah spring break sucks... because BYU doesn't get one! Ignore me as I make comments on all your entries. I always forget to check the "private" blogs I'm invited to because they don't popup on my google reader. But I am glad things are going well for you guys (besides set backs due to Spring Break!) :)

Reeve family said...

That all sucks! Hope you and your hubby get to see eachother asap.

Lindsay said...

Aye aye aye!