Sunday ramblings.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

There is something soothing about the cloudy sky outside of our window as we lazily lay around on this Sunday morning. I love Sundays.

I worked my first Saturday during tax season yesterday. I liked it only because I got to wear jeans and converse to the office.

So happy because after a week of resting and icing, I was able to run 9 miles again yesterday. Hooray for bodies healing themselves. Even happier because Russ ran them with me.

To accompany the cloudy sky outside, I am going to make THIS SOUP since my awesome sister-in-law recommended it so highly.

I think we found one of Russ's new favorite restaurants -- Ruby Tuesday. It's amazing how something so simple as a cherry coke and "triple prime cheddar burger" makes a man so happy.

I can no longer stay awake during movies. I only made it half-way through Sherlock Holmes last night. Wimp.

I miss my family, but am so happy that my sister is coming in a few weeks.

Sea World has opened again. Must visit ASAP.

Sometimes I wish I could see what I would be like if I was a cartoon. My brother-in-law, Stuart, just got made into a cartoon. It's totally awesome, and I'm slightly jealous. See for yourself:


Keepin' Up with the Jones said...

Isn't it funny how work doesn't quite seem as much of "work" when you get to dress down! Also, I have been meaning to try that same soup recipe and now I will defiantly have to. Also, I watched the music video last week.. and I too was jealous of that band getting to be cool is that!

Hope all is well... miss you!

Angela said...

Sounds like a good weekend (except work--think about the paycheck). Glad you were able to run--is Russ running the race too, or is he just a great training hubby?

Marcella said...

Great Sunday rambling! :) Oh by the way congrats on you and Russ being Nursery leaders!!! That is so great. I bet you guys are SO GOOD1 :) I wish Lucy could be in your class.