Saturday, March 20, 2010

People. Music. Lights. Food. Hipsters. Energy.

All things that define South by Southwest.

5 points for finding Stuart

I drove up to Austin last night after work to hang out with Brittney and the band at SXSW. Dinner at Annie's restuarant, walking around in the cool evening, and people watching like it's nobody's business. I don't think I've ever seen so many hipsters in one location. Next time I go to SXSW I'll be sure to wear my gold spandex pants.

All kidding aside, it was pretty dang awesome. This is such a huge production -- bands come from all over the world in hopes of being discovered and meeting the "right" person at the right time. The city closes the roads to cars and opens every club, restaurant, and store. Music literally comes from every doorway in Austin.

There was also the obvious perk of hanging out with my sister one last night before she went back to Utah. It's like we miss each other or something.


B said...

That picture of me is horrendous. Oh well. So glad to see you and to also share one crazy night together at SXSW. Too bad we couldn't see muse. What a weird state you live in. It's so big and hip.

Sheri Bird said...

I saw this picture and I said...Brent and can tell who your parents are!