10 Things that make me happy:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

1. The glorious fact that tax season is O-V-E-R.
2. Fun surprises on my desk from fun friends
3. The idea of going out to lunch -- such excitement for such little things! And here's the best part: lunch at Chipotle. Oh how happy am I.
4. Leaving on a jet plane. Ok not really a jet, but a plane. Let's talk a minute about a seriously needed vacation from work, Texas, and the daily grind. It's needed. That's all.
5. Waking up to rain.
6. Letters from my little brother.
7. Um, birthday?
8. My "tax season survival" kit that was attempted to be left in my car from Russell. Although it didn't quite work out, meaning he did actually put it in my car, but had forgotten that he was driving my car that day to get the oil changed and I was driving his, so really he gave himself his survival kit. But the thought was still cute.
9. GLEE IS BACK! (And yes, despite the craziness of work this week, I still managed to watch it. Totally worth it.)
10. We get to see our families! (And friends!) In T minus 8 hours!


Amanda Jones said...

Isn't glee like the best thing to happen to TV! I am glad you survived TAx season...have fun on your trip!
(I mailed you something yesterday so I guess it will find you when you get home)

Marcella said...

I TOTALLY LOVE GLEE TOO! Excited to see you!

Zak Johnson said...

Yay for making it through tax season! I hope you are having fun with your family and that the race went well! I love reading your blog, you are a talented writer!
(Btw, this is Kate)

Ashton + Brian said...

i heard you were here!!! happy late bday! i'll need to see some pictures.