Happy Easters!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This is my Easter basket for Russell. I love how genuinely happy he gets from such simple things -- like Easter baskets with goldfish, yellow peeps, candy, and a homemade card.
(By the way, Natalie, do you like the bunny??)

Other Easter day activities consist of:
Sleeping in.
Watching conference. SO great.
Texting parties with family who live way too far away.
Russell spending time with his tomatoes. (See previous post)

Planned activities, yet to come to pass:
Easter walk with husband.
Chicken cordon bleu. (I don't love baked ham, so this is how I will integrate a traditional Easter dinner ingredient)
Probably playing Ticket To Ride. Oh how we love that game.

We hope your Easter has been just as great as you spend time with family and friends and
remember the real reason for today.


Marcella said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter! I love the basket too. I love little goodies, what a good wife you are. Lucy got a Princess and the Frog bag for her birthday and the first thing Benny said was "Lucy show Camille, we need to show Camille. She would love this." It was really cute. He wanted to show you. Maybe when you come to town we can show you. :)

Jessy Carlisle said...

ticket to ride is sooooo fun!!! We have to together via web cam sometime.

Natalie said...

Camille! Great job on the bunny! That is seriously what it look likes.. Haha, good idea. I will have to tell Ashton to make sure and catch this post. She is in love with bunny.

Ashton + Brian said...

Oh hey. Just happened to be lurking around on your blog without Natalie's help. haha Annnnd i DO love Bunny!

I also looove your tomato idea! I was just reading about gardens in a random magazine on a plane...it made me want a garden! Keep us posted on how they grow!