Let's make a play list.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ok you guys, I just worked my last Saturday and am on the home stretch, for a lot of things. Busy season... vacation... race... etc. So now I need your help:

I am in the midst of building the ultimate race play list. Any awesome running/exercise songs I need to know about? What song(s) pumps you up???


Natalie said...

1. Jai Ho (Pussycat Dolls)
2. Feedback (Janet Jackson)
3. All the Above (Maino)
4. Beat of My Heart (Hillary Duff)
You must do Jai Ho. You can imagine yourself running through deserts in India, and run for hours without noticing!

Reeve family said...

I need a new playlist too! All my songs no longer pump me up because I have listened to them too much!

kemp-y-QUA!! said...

you need to get a power hour mix- where it has like 30 seconds of the song, then switches to the next one. those are the best!

i may have one for you- i have to check

Caitlin said...

well I'm not much help because I haven't been running in forever!!! Sad, but true. However, I am really excited to see you! Good luck on saturday!!

rach said...

No Man's Woman by Sinead O'Connor


Sheri Bird said...

yah ready?

Lger then life-Backstreet
I drove all night-Celine Dion
Danger Zone-Top Gun album
Simply Irresistible- Robert Palmer
Born in the USA-Bruce
Dancing in the Dark-Bruce
Oh, pretty women-Roy Orbison
What was I thinkin' Dierks Bently
Long cool women in a black dress-ccr?
Viva Lavida-cold play
Crazy little thing called love-Buble or Queen
Sharp dressed Man-ZZ top
Legs-ZZ top
These are a few of my workout favorites off my ipod!

Good luck in the run!!!!!!!