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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One thing I love about vacations is the chance to catch up on reading. As is expected, we spent a lot of time on trains/buses/planes in Europe, so we got in some good reading time. My most recent book list includes:

Little Bee, by Chris Cleave

This was recommend by my Mom, who is an ultimate reader (seriously a book a week, at the very least). It tells the story of two women from very different worlds -- one from London, one who is a Nigerian refugee -- whose worlds collide. My eyes were opened to some of the refugee scenarios that go on in countries such as Nigeria, and how amazingly blessed and fortunate I am! Not the happiest book on the planet, but incredibly powerful and eye opening.

The Love You Makeby Peter Brown

Ha! Not a big surprise right? Russell gave this book to me for Christmas, and I was excited but was expecting just another tribute to the Beatles. Boy was I wrong. I was completely fascinated the whole time, and continually pestered poor Russell with "guess what!" and "did you know..." and more. I thought I knew everything about the Beatles, until I read this book. Peter Brown, the author, was a personal assistant to Brian Epstein and The Beatles during the 1960s. Warning to Beatles fans contemplating this book: It's very honest and literally spills everything that the Beatles did. They lived rock n' roll lives, and you read ALL about it. It's not a fast read either, but who wants to make reading about the Beatles go by faster? Not I.

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins

Oh this book. I give this book 5 stars, warning you that you will not be able to put it down. My friend Holly had been raving about this series, so we borrowed the book for our trip. Russ read it first, loved it, and then it was my turn. And now we are slightly obsessed. The only sad thing is we got back to reality, and don't have endless hours to read anymore. Solution? We are listening to Catching Fire (the second book in the series) on tape during our lengthy commutes. I now love driving to work. (kidding, but it is now tolerable). What am I going to do when I finish #2? Wait till August 24th when Mockingjay comes out? Oh the pain.


Caitlin said...

Just read hunger games in three days. Addicting is right! Robbie makes fun of me that it is a "young adult" novel, but hey, I'm still a young adult anyway. I'm excited for #2 :)

Jessica said...

Oh, the Hunger Games! Sooooo good! I got a copy from the library having no idea what it was about, and almost the entire office read my copy while I had it checked out for three weeks. I can't wait for Mockingjay!

Rachel and Jason said...

OK. I am LOVING this book. I'm almost done with the first one, and I'm going first thing in the morning to buy the second one. SOOO good. Dare I say "twilight good?"

Rachel and Jason said...

And by "this book" I meant the Hunger Games. Also, I just watched Hanson's "Weird" video on thought of you. Don't ask me why I was watching a 24 year old married woman. Some loves never die...