Oh Deer

Monday, June 7, 2010

I know you all have been freaking out just as much as I have that our blog was down. Ok, just kidding. You probably didn't notice. But it is fixed now! (Which I'm sure you gathered since you are reading this post).

Today I had a wonderful Monday morning email from my brother, Jace, who is in Japan right now. It was this picture, and all he said with it was "I love deer!"

Yup, he hasn't changed one bit.

And again.


Amanda Jones said...

I actually did notice... does that make me a total blog stalker with no life!?! I almost even facebooked you to tell you about the problem... glad it is fixed though.

Love the picture of Jace.. Classic

Sheri Bird said...

oh my...that is a real deer...
and I am relieved that I did not know your blog was down. I am not a stalker...repeat...I am not a stalker.