Cadaques -- The Last Stop

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We have made it to the last post of the trip (sigh of relief). Cadaques is a beautiful, small town on the coast of Northern Spain that has resisted too much modernization and somehow kept somewhat of a secret from the throngs of tourists. It was the perfect way to end such a busy, sometimes stressful, and fast-paced trip.

Here is the view from our hotel room

We spent a good hour or so laying by this lovely pool at our lovely hotel. I loved the bright red flowers against the blue and white decor.

We walked along this path to find the delicious pizza we enjoyed for dinner.

One of Salvador Dali's famous paintings is of this very town. We went to the very place where his point of view was for the painting. And then we bought a small print -- it is now hanging in our apartment.

So remember how we had to buy a new camera? Well a bonus tripod came with it (which I maybe got a little too excited about). We are amateurs at photography... is this what you use it for?

Just kidding, we know how to use a tripod... kind of. Here is the view from that chapel at the top of the town

This next picture is mostly for my dad. When I was a little girl I used to watch Little Mermaid literally every day. I was obsessed with that movie. It has always been "our movie." My dad would walk down and catch me up against a couch like this pretending I was Ariel -- you guys know the scene. Well, I got to relive the moment in Cadaques.

Cadaques by night. So lovely.

Goodbye Europe. 
I will never forget this trip. It was Russell and my first "huge trip" together. We learned so much about each other and our marriage while on this trip. And not only that, we planned and paid for it all on our own... a process that really makes you appreciate it. We saved and saved, and I'm so glad we did. Being there with my sister also made all the difference. We are all so very blessed. So many memories were created that I will never forget.


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Lindsay said...

Yahoooo!!!!!! Paying for bills is lame. Taking oneself and oneself's spouse to Europe is NOT lame. Ah, the pros and cons of being "adults". Awesome pics girl :).

The Buhls said...

Your Ariel impression gave me a great laugh! So creative are you. ;) So glad to see you are so happy and are doing well.

Dani said...

Dear Camille,
Do you know how I can find that print of Cadaques? I'd like to get it for someone who was married there…