Saturday, July 17, 2010

Russ went out of town again this week. This is what our living room looked like when he got home.

If you're thinking "so what? You vacuumed." No, I did not. The vacuum is my official cricket killer. I'm not exaggerating when I say the bugs know when Russell leaves -- they invade the apartment full force. Within an 8 hour period I probably had to kill 5 crickets (crickets the size of cockroaches, mind you). But I'm not brave enough to actually kill them. I just slowly approach them and suck those little guys right into the vacuum. They die eventually.

I didn't realize how ridiculous the other part of this picture was until Russ got home and laughed out loud at me. Looks like I need to invest in some coasters to protect our coffee table. Russ's spare sock just hadn't quite made it from the clean laundry basket to the closet... Hey, at least the sock was clean.

In other news, I ran a 5K this morning with 3 of my friends. I realized I hadn't done a 5K since freshman year of college! I guess I just got way into long-distance training. I had no clue what to expect with this race, considering I haven't been training for speed, it's SO STINKIN' HOT HERE, and the humidity makes you feel like you can't get a legit deep breath, especially while exercising. Anyway, here are the girls post-race... in all our nasty sweatiness, frizzed out hair, and red faces:

Me, Stacie, Andrea, and Shantelle

All in all, I am pretty happy with my time. Major improvement from my freshman-year race, and especially with the crazy Texas conditions. I do have to give a major shout-out to Andrea. This girl is a machine! Stacie and I only aspire to be like her. SHE GOT FIRST PLACE IN OUR AGE GROUP finishing the 3.1 miles in 21:09. Yowzers!
Here she is! Running aficionado. She is now starting to train for her 7th or 8th marathon... I can't remember. Like I said, she's pretty awesome.

Yay for running friends! It was a fun race. Only in Texas do they offer breakfast tacos and orange soda for your post-race refreshment. 


Kimberly Paul said...

Congrats on the race C-claws, you're awesome! And, yeah, you show those crickets what's up.

Andi Fitz said...

Oh cute post. That coaster made me laugh. And I'm going to borrow some of your pictures for my blog. That race was so fun. I love having fun workout buddies!

Reeve family said...

I don't think we looked gross with frizzed out hair, and red faces after our race! Haha, just kidding! That was fun! Poor tomatoe plants! We invested in a spray we got at Lowes that you spray on your plants once every few weeks and it keeps those mean catepillars away. You guys should get that next year and I think it was only like $10 and it worked!