Shamu Sized Proportions!

Friday, July 9, 2010

We just spent the evening with Shamu! And our red cup. Yes, we love our cup. It is a Sea World season- pass-holders exclusive cup, where we spent $25 for free refills ALL YEAR. Just bring the cup, and the Diet Coke, Thelma's Frozen Lemonade, and all other sorts of goodness flow year long (a necessity when it's 95 degrees outside with 90% humidity).

Tonight was perfect, however, as it had been a rainy day and thus the temperature was a bit lower and the crowds were a bit smaller. And I got to spend another night with my best friend, which was the best perk of all. Even more than the red cup.


Lindsay said...

Aw love. (Read it with a French accent to make it sound even better).

Techno Kath said...

I'm seeing that your album of the month is by RJD2. Friend, our mutual appreciation for certain artists reminds me why you are one of the coolest people I know. That and so many other things.