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Thursday, July 22, 2010

We have exactly 2 months till our lease is up and you know what that means... where do we go next?!? I have literally been losing sleep over this all week. 

The main problem with where we live now is it's REALLY FAR AWAY from work... and most other things in San Antonio. But mostly work, which unfortunately, is where we spend the majority of our week and travel to and from twice a day. The summer months have been lovely for the daily commuter, but come fall the freeways turn into parking lots, which for me, means up to an hour each way at it's worst. THIS IS NOT FUN FOR ANYONE (we have learned that a Camille who sits in traffic after a long work day is a grumpy Camille, which is not fair to poor Russell). Just remember this important fact, and try to imagine yourself doing the same thing daily.

We have been looking at tons and tons of rental houses (we are trying to avoid apartments. It's time to leave the apartment life. It just is.) So if any of you lovely blog readers have some sound advice, here are the main issues:
  • We could live closer to work (which would generally be more central to everything else)
  • If we live closer to work, we move further away from friends we have made in our current area
  • Perhaps this would show who we really are friends with! (Distance shouldn't be that big of a factor... right? right??)
  • Moving gives us an opportunity to make even more friends?
  • How much are we willing to budge on our price? Bigger? Nicer? Closer? Further?
  • I have an inkling that this decision is about a lot more than the location, it you catch my drift. Sometimes you don't know why you were prompted to make decisions till much later. Remembering this only makes me more stressed.
and last of all...
  • Am I totally over-analyzing this?!?

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Rachel and Jason said...

Camille! I am going through this EXACT thing right now! Jase and I moved to the northside last Fall thinking it would be convenient to be close to my job. But I'm not at said job anymore and have been commuting to the valley. It gets expensive! So do we pack up and move AGAIN? Look for a rental house? The only ones we seem to find are trashy or WAY to expensive. And then there's the LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION thing. Ugh. To be an adult. We should chat soon and whine to each other about our hard lives. Ha! Miss ya!