Cocoa Beach

Sunday, August 29, 2010

After our day at Harry Potter Land, we had about 6 more hours to spend together before I had to fly home. We decided to head east and see the ocean! Cocoa Beach was only about an hour away from Orlando. This excursion was a great idea.

Somehow Russ even convinced me to get in the water. Here's a little tidbit about Camille you may not know -- the ocean and all of it's mysteries scares me to death. I like the beach, but the ocean... well I'm working on it. I think THIS STORY might be the cause of my ocean fear. Anyway, I got in, just because I was feeling nice and I knew that Russ and I only had a day and a half before I had to leave him for another week. It was actually pretty fun, especially since the waves were weak and barely came to our shoulders. I have now conquered Cocoa Beach.

Look at Russ's pure happiness. Unlike me, Russ loooooooooooves the ocean. He has that exact perma-grin on his face in every one of our pictures from this day. After the beach I literally hopped on a plane to San Antonio (sorry to the kind woman I sat by on the plane!). It was kind of sad to come home by myself, but at least we had a fun day and a half in Orlando together. He only has one more week in Florida before I get to keep him in Texas with me! Hallelujah!

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