Husband-less in Utah

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brittney and I were both husband-less for most of the time I was in Utah. Even though we missed our significant others, it was fun to spend some good, quality, two-on-two time with our parental units. Seriously though, we had a lot of fun killing time with Mom and Dad. We talked about the future, discussed issues and events in the present, and memories from the past. I feel so blessed to have been raised by such amazing parents.

I must also say, I was pretty excited about the traditional visit to Cafe Rio, a restaurant I miss like crazy. We went up to Park City for the day on Saturday. Despite the amazing weather, mountains, and charm of the city, it turns out that Cafe Rio was the only event I felt inclined to document.

I also seem to luck out that every time I go to Utah, Fictionist plays a show in Utah. Stuart had just driven in from a show in California the night before. Crazy guy. It was a great show, though, and I'm glad I got to see this brother-in-law of mine, even if just for a few hours. PS. Check out this awesome article of Mr. Maxfield himself; it looks like Stu has a modeling career in his future.

Here is the family outside the venue, where Brittney was reunited with her husband:
Like I said, a short and quick trip to Utah, but I had a great time. See you again at Christmas time, Utah!

{Yes... I did just talk to the state of Utah.}

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Kate said...

Yum! Cafe Rio...that's for sure on my list when we go to Utah next! Fun that you got to spend time with your family, even though it was a quick trip. It was great seeing you guys tonight. I'm excited you found a place and that it's in our stake too! :)