The Lake Has My Heart

Monday, August 16, 2010

We just got in last night from a long weekend in Washington. Oh, Washington. Every time I go back home to Spokane, I end up in disbelief that I GREW UP THERE! I feel so lucky to call such a naturally beautiful place home. My parents rented a lake house on Long Lake. I grew up boating on this lake, and it was so good to go home.

Oh trees. How I miss you.

Gearin' up for the early morning ski run. There's nothing like skiing on glass.

Even though my Dad has a strict rule that we can't tube until all have water-skiied, we broke the tubes out. Skiing on Long Lake has made our family a little picky about the water, where any level of choppiness makes us hesitant to break out the ski. Hence, the occasional tubing. In the picture above, Stu is trying to stand while tubing. The other picture is all of us watching him take the first jump on the tree swing.

Look at Russ's form!

 "Flat Jace" made some appearances at the lake this weekend.

Russ and my Dad tricking out the stereo system

Look at that face. Look at that water. Complete happiness.

Happy Birthday to Brittney! We celebrated her birthday at the lake house. Sheri (my second mom) came by the house one night along with my favorite dessert--that lovely raspberry tart on the right side of the picture. yummmmmmmmmmm.

If I water ski, he gives me a kiss! Pretty great deal on my end.

Look at that spray. Yeah pops!

Look at that picture closely. See anything anyone that shouldn't be there?

My Mom is the best boat mom ever. She's always there with a towel, she always cheers you on, and she always looks this happy.

We also went mountain biking on Saturday. It doesn't take a genius to see Russell was very excited.

We were sad to come home from this "relaxing" weekend. I say relaxing because it was a good break from the daily routine, but it wasn't really because we came home more sore than I've been in a really, really long time. But as Stuart says, it's not a McLaws vacation unless you come home sore.


Sada said...

Fun! I MAY have checked your blog like 18 times today waiting for this post and so bored as the rest of the invites were printed at a horrendously slow pace. Looks like such a great weekend! See you tomale!

emily said...

Looks like fun! I LOVE the McLaws fam, and I love skiing with them too!

Lindsay said...

Hahaha so true about the sore thing. Can I even tell you how funny that flat Jace went water skiing is? Probably not. It's just that funny. Arg! Next year we will plan better and be there at the same time! I miss you Mrs. Lewis!

rach said...

Flat Jace was my favorite.

Sheri Bird said...

Flat Jace had me falling on the floor!!! OMGOSH! Hysterical!!
And yes, it is not a vacation unless you have to come home and take a day or two of ADVIL!
I was so much fun to see you all~love you!