Lost in Translation

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I love getting letters.

I love getting letters from my brother in Japan.

I love the stationary from Japan. The Japanese--English translation cracks me up. I hope you think they are as funny as Russell and I do. (In case you can't read the writing in the picture, I re-wrote it underneath).

"You will surely come to want to take the photograph if you are walking in this town."

"Lovely duck: I'm now in a cheerful state of mind. I feel more refreshed than anyone."

"When you have someone you can communicate with without words, that's when you know she's a friend."

"The bear is looking for something. It is Acacia honey."

"How do you feel today? She diverts herself by singing."


Steve and Jess said...

HAHAHA Those are really funny, it makes me want to write all my letters on Japanese stationary! P.S. it was so fun to run into you in SLC again Camille! Glad you had fun at the wedding :)

Caitlin said...

I always divert myself by singing! What's so weird about that? Ohh man, I love those translations, what a crack up! That is awwwwesome.

Kimberly Paul said...

haha. Love the duck one!

rach said...

Oh jacey-poo. What a crack up--that stationary is hilarious!

Lindsay said...

I tell myself these things everymorning in that exact order! Weird that it is stationary too! Lovelyness!