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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As I mentioned in the previous post, I just spent a weekend in Utah for my cousin's wedding. It was such an action-packed weekend. I'll walk ya through it.

See those mountains? Yep, you don't see them hills in Texas. Utah has so much natural beauty--I couldn't stop staring at the mountains. I love how the city is literally right up against them. I miss them. I mean, how could you not?

A few months ago I mentioned my dear Aunt Lisa and how she was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. Most of the tumor was removed, but she is now undergoing radiation treatments to try to kill the rest of the cancer. Needless to say, Lisa is very ill. She was diagnosed after Megan had begun planning the wedding, so it has been amazing to see how all of Megan's family and friends have joined together to help her plan the wedding when her mom could not be by her side step-by-step. My mom volunteered to help as well, so I helped with all the loose ends. Right after I flew in we started FROSTING! My mom made 6 cakes to make up a "cake buffet" for Megan. What do you do with 6 cakes? You frost 'em... till 1 am.

And then the next day Megan got married! She and Sean were sealed in the beautiful Salt Lake Temple.

Megan was so happy. She was also probably one of the most easy-going brides I've ever seen, which made it easy and enjoyable to help with the wedding.

This is my Aunt Lisa and her daughter, Melissa (Megan's younger sister). Lisa has cancer, but you could never tell. Her countenance is so happy and peaceful, especially considering her fatigue and pain. She's inspiring. She has so much faith and knows that whatever happens is meant to be. I have so much to learn from her and this situation. My faith has been strengthened. She wasn't able to attend all of the wedding events--only the actual temple ceremony, which in reality, is all that matters. We were all in the temple together, and I wouldn't have traded that moment for anything.

Here is Brittney, my mom, and my Aunt Kristi from Tennessee. I love how weddings bring family together.

After the wedding, we had to hustle as we were also in charge of all the flowers. Here's the fam loading up the car with buckets and buckets of flowers.

I especially loved Megan's reception because it was at the Alpine Arts Center -- the same place we had our reception! Nostalgia city.

Meet Laura. Laura is a flower/design/craft/photography genius with an endless amount of amazing ideas. She documented my bridal shower beautifully. She took care of all the flowers and bouquets at my wedding! Oh yeah, and she also played around in London with us. Anyway, Laura helped with Megan's wedding as well. Here she is jazzing up some of the cakes with beautiful flowers.

Megan and Sean's wedding was beautiful, happy, busy, emotional, and all in all a great day.
There were some more fun times from the rest of the weekend to document... stay tuned my friends.

P.S. You guys, I really want this giveaway. I know I'm not the only one who thinks Target is the best thing since sliced bread.

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angelamclaws said...

Nice job recapping the festivities. I love all the pictures with my half-open eyes. . . I just can't keep them open! It was fun being together. See you soon!