Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's a girl to do when her husband is gone... {again}? Well that's simple! Craft! Russell was out of town again this week, which leaves me to fill up my evenings by destroying the living room with fabrics, papers, scissors, hot glue gun, and any other random crafting tool I happen to own.

My main priority was finishing up a special book for a special friend who has a very special wedding this week. (Pictures to come, I'm sure). We actually leave tonight for the great city of Albuquerque (a.k.a "Albu-crazy") to see Sada & Reagan tie the knot. I hope its not bad that I'm just as excited to give her the handmade sign-in book I made her as I am to see the wedding. Okay, that might be an exaggeration.

While I wasn't working on the book, why not make random flowers and onesies for little newborns?

Here's a crazy story for you:
I was born in Salt Lake City. (Keep reading, it gets more interesting). I lived on a street with all sorts of childhood best friends. One of which, Stephanie, I lost contact with sometime after we moved from Utah to Washington. Fast forward to last Christmas when my family and I attended the wedding of another one of these SLC childhood friends, Megan. Who was at the wedding? Stephanie. Who came up to me and told me she lived in San Antonio? Stephanie. Awesome! A new friend in Texas!
Fast forward to this last month when we moved into our new house, thus a new ward for church. Who do I see when I turn around after sitting down? You guessed it, Stephanie. So after almost 15 years after living on the same street, we are back to being in the same ward. Man, I love how small this world is.
Anyway, Stephanie just had her second child, a beautiful baby girl named Anna. I thought Anna was a great name for yellow and gray flowers. Or maybe I'm just obsessed with yellow and gray... you tell me.


Kate said...

That stinks that you were husbandless again! The book looks way cute and I love the onesie, you are a talented crafter!! Hope you guys have a great time in Albuquerque this weekend at the wedding!

angelamclaws said...

Very cute stuff, and another beautiful book made. Have fun at the wedding, be safe, and tell Stephanie and Mike congratulations. Love you!

Stephen and Angeline said...

That onesie is absolutely adorable. You've inspired me. Now if I can just find some sort of creativity to accomplish such a masterpiece...

Elyse said...

Love it. I wish you lived here so we could be crafty together and make my baby well dressed :)