Da Casa

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Can I apologize profusely for slightly dropping off the face of the planet this last week? Thanks for being understanding, because it has been one craaaaaazy week, and the craziness is not even over. But before I bore you with non-essential details, let me show you a (terrible) picture of our new house!

Yup, there she is. Our little red brick home. I am falling in love with:

a) Having a garage opener in my car. How adult am I?
b) The trees. Love them. (I'm a Washington girl... I'm allowed to love trees)
c) Having a back porch. We haven't used it yet, but I'm sure it will be fantastic.
d) The quiet cul-de-sac we live on. As much as I loved having people live to the side and on top of us in the apartment, I think this takes the cake.

Anyway, we don't have internet yet, hence the phone picture. But this will have to get you guys by till I can give you a real update of our lives. Until then, we're taking a quick trip up to Houston tomorrow to see one of my first loves, Mr. Dave Matthews. I will not go into detail of how excited I am, but for those who know me, well, they know. We're driving back Saturday morning just in time for me to attend the bridal shower I am co-hosting for the lovely Sada Lewis-to-be.

Whew. See you on the flip side.


Amanda Jones said...

What a cute house! I love it- its great for you! I am sure many wonderful memories will be made here. Excited to see more pics!

Kate said...

Yay, a picture of the house, it looks way cute! I'm happy for you guys. Can't wait to hear all about it and get caught up on life with you! We are SUPER excited for tomorrow!

rach said...

House with a cul-de-sac. What else could a girl want? It's perfect!

Ashton + Brian said...

You're so grown up i'm gonna DIE!!! This house is amazing...I can just smell the chocolate chip cookies baking in there. I'm sure you'll have it decorated all cute and home-y in no time. I'm so excited for you both!

Sheri Bird said...

Puuuur-fect. congrats schaweet-heart!

Reeve family said...

I LOVE your new place!!! So happy for you!

Sada said...

So cute! Love the red brick! And so happy you dashed back from H-town to play with meee! Thanks :)

Candace said...

Oh Camille! I'm out of the loop! Congratulations - it's adorable. You are always so bright and bubbly and your writing is the same way.

I was on campus this week recruiting and thought of you. I miss those days of being together non-stop. We knew the 5th floor in the library and its people like that back of our hands.