Thursday, September 2, 2010

My worst nightmare came true yesterday.

I open the door to leave for work, and 5 mosquitos come swarming into my face. Sick. After shoo-ing them away, I look down and see this nasty brown, hairy spider that had run into my apartment the 5 seconds the door was open. I look a little closer and think "hmm... that spider has a spiky butt!" But no. The "spikes" were really hundreds and hundreds of baby spiders riding the momma spiders back into my apartment. Let me repeat that in case it didn't register -- there were HUNDREDS OF SPIDERS IN MY HOME. Amazingly, I kept calm enough to grab the nearest magazine and fling the momma spider and her offspring out of my apartment and across the breezeway. I see her hit the wall across the hall. Whew. As I leave the apartment and lock the door, I realize that my vicious fling caused her hundreds of baby spiders to now be scattered on my doorstep. After running from my door like a little girl to find refuge from the storm of bugs, I approach my car only to find a green preying mantis sitting on its roof. REALLY TEXAS? When will it stop?!?

In other news, WE FOUND A HOUSE! After viewing house after house and feeling a little discouraged, this little red brick, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house saved the day. We just got approved yesterday, and are apparently crazy enough to try to move in by Friday. Yup, that's tomorrow. With Russ still being out of town, that means yours truly is packing the apartment by herself (with the help of some amazing friends).

To put it lightly, I am exhausted, a little enormously stressed, and very ready to have my husband back where he belongs.

My friend Laura sent me this picture from Kensington Gardens in London. She took it with a Holga camera. (Go HERE to see more of her work. She's quite talented.) Isn't it lovely? It makes me want to jump right in, relax in the beautiful gardens, and let my worries float away.


Amanda Jones said...

congrats on your house! and that story about the spiders made my skin crawl!

can't wait to see pictures of your new place!

..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

Ok, I would have DIED with your spider encounter!!! Barf!

Stephen and Angeline said...

How exciting!! Congrats on the house! Someday we'll get a house, maybe. Good luck with all that packing!

Lindsay said...

Oh you're gettting a house!!!!!!!! YAY! Wahooooo!