Thanks DMB, you did it again

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Number 7.

As in I've now seen the Dave Matthews Band SEVEN times. Some may call that insane. I call it amazing.

We drove up to Houston after work on Friday with two of our good friends Zak and Kate. We weren't going to go when they first invited us... I have seen them plenty. But then I was informed that the band is taking next year off (after all, they have been touring for almost two decades). Well, that sealed the deal. To Houston we would go... and with a Warehouse member, nonetheless. Yes, Zak is a fellow hardcore fan of the band, and is even in the exclusive DMB club, "The Warehouse," a club I only aspired to join as a teenage DMB fan. We got some pretty dang awesome seats, thanks to Zak's membership. The concert was in the beautiful "Woodlands" of Houston -- a pretty shwanky area with an amazing outdoor pavilion amphitheater.

The band put on a seriously awesome show (as always). Maybe it was luck, maybe it was because they are getting down to the end of the tour and it is the last season for a few years. But whatever it is, we had an amazing set list. I finally got to see, among many others:

Dancing Nancies -- ok high school peeps. Does anyone remember the days of AIM? Yeah, you know you all did it. My screen name was "dnancy41." Yes, that's how insane I was. "dnancy" for the song Dancing Nancies, and "41" for the song #41. Mega nerd.

The Warehouse. 

You & Me. 

and last, but certainly not least...

All Along the Watchtower

(gasp!) I know. An epic song. We left the concert elated, but as always, I woke up with a small tinge of sadness, knowing the day I looked forward to all year was over. It's like Christmas. But different.

Anyway, thanks again Zak and Kate for letting these two crazy fans tag along with you. We had a fun weekend and look forward to more fun weekends together!

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Amanda Jones said...

glad you have fun.. this brings back memories of the dave concert we went to with emily. Also it brings back funny memories with your mention of AIM... freshman year that lead to a lot of interesting things.