New Mexico Part 1: MUSE!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We made the drive across beautiful west Texas (cough cough... not) to attend Sada and Reagan's wonderful wedding nuptials. We arrived in Albuquerque Friday afternoon, and immediately stopped at Terriyaki Chicken Bowl, a local restaurant that Russell was quite sentimental about. After dropping our stuff off at our good friends, Jessy and Dylan (who happened to be fantastic hostesses), we high-tailed it to the Sandia Resort and Casino for the first wedding event -- the Rehearsal Dinner!

It was at this dinner that Reagan surprised Sada with the honeymoon destination which is the far-off land of FIJI! After nonchalantly asking the waitress for some water, she brought him a Fiji water bottle that he had put a picture of them in the background, with the phrase "we are going here" and an arrow pointing to the word "Fiji." Pretty creative, if you ask me. Way to go Reagan!

After the dinner, we again high-tailed it to Rio Rancho, to attend the Muse concert. Oh boy, was I excited to see them. I have been a big fan since college, but never been fortunate enough to see them. It just so happened they planned a trip to Albuquerque the same weekend we did! Who'da thought?

We made it to the arena just a few minutes before Matthew Belamy and crew walked on stage. All I can say about the rest of the night was it was an EXPERIENCE. That band delivers. If you can't tell how much we were enjoying it from the picture on the left, Russell's expression on the right is a perfect description of what we looked like the entire show. Can I say sensory overload? They played lots of our favorites, Matthew played on his light-up piano, big balls fell from the ceiling, all while experiencing a pretty amazing light-show. Thanks again, Muse. I hope to see you again someday.

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