New Mexico Part 2: The Wedding!

Friday, October 8, 2010

As we were driving to Sada's wedding I was nervous and giddy, almost like it was me getting married all over again! Sada and I share a room in the back of our office, and during the slow times (and even when it wasn't that slow), we were constantly planning, talking about, and scheming her wedding. I loved being a part of her planning process -- I got to help plan a wedding without the stress! Needless to say, I was perhaps just as excited as Sada to see how everything was going to turn out. I got to the reception center in Old Town Albuquerque early in the day to help set everything up. Thanks to the help of Sada's family and bridesmaids, and the bride herself, everything came together seamlessly. I think it all looked fabulous.

Clockwise from top left -- Sada made these adorable place cards to designate which guest got which plate, accented with Washi Tape, of course. I loved the feel of the tent with the lights... it was so cozy! The roses were the table center-piece. Those roses. Oh, I loved those roses... we even got to take some home! And finally, the cake table was planned with great care. The cake was a Tres Leches cake (yummmm), and that paper banner was made by me!

Do you see those white vases in the top right picture? Do you remember a post from long ago promising they would be used? Ah ha! You thought I would let you down. Do not fear, they reappeared.

And of course I must mention the part that really mattered: THE CEREMONY. It was so beautiful, I may have shed a tear or two. They were both beaming and totally in love. It really was such a happy moment. Sada designed these programs, and carried the theme throughout her wedding. Everything was so well thought-out. As I leave you now, just remember that:  

"Marriage is like a WEDDING CAKE. You need all the right ingredients."
- Sada's late Grandfather


Marcella said...

I love her style! Beautiful wedding and FUN colors! Fun to go back to NM too! :) I bet Russ was happy to be back for a bit.

Rachel and Jason said...

Fun, fun, and fun. Makes me want to get married again.

Randal&Argelia said...

Hi Camille: I love to read your blogg, Iam so glad you two got to go to ABQ, and be with Sada and Reagan at their wedding. Im glad you guys have such good friends