Our Hot Friday Night Date

Saturday, October 9, 2010

One word explains this last week: CRAZY. After getting into town late Sunday night from Albuquerque and getting right back into work, I felt like I could never really catch up on anything I needed, much less wanted, to accomplish. Last night Russell and I stayed in to finally catch up on conference that we had missed last weekend. Within 30 minutes Russell was OUT. I seriously questioned if he was even alive. I decided to capitalize on the opportunity and delve into the craft project I had been itching to get started. After all, the house was needing some fall colors to help bring in this amazing season.

And can I just get it out there that I cannot wait till I have a legit camera and finally have some decent/non-blurry pictures on my blog? Whew, I feel better getting that off my chest. Please don't judge me until that time comes. Moving on, I found the idea from this fun blog. Mine really does look like hers, my pictures just don't quite portray the full cuteness. Someday people, someday.

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and had fun celebrating John Lennon's birthday like I did (which before you roll your eyes and think how creepily obsessive I am, all I did was listen to the White Album. Normal enough, right?). Google even paid tribute! He would have been 70. And dang, he was a pretty cool guy. And before I ramble on too much longer, PEACE.


Amanda Jones said...

VERY cute wreath I love the yellow!

angelamclaws said...

That is really clever. I want one!