Summoning Fall

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Texas fall is much different than any other fall I've had. It's a very welcome season, for sure. But none of this "crinkling autumn leaves," "cool weather to bundle up for," or any reason whatsoever to "cuddle up by the fire with some apple cider." No sirree. Not in this part of the country. We are just grateful to have left the 90 degree weather.

With that said, I have been trying to summon fall. You saw the yellow wreath. We also bought pumpkins. Lots of them. A few big ones for carving, and little pumpkins to scatter about. Oh yeah... and the cooking! I started this weekend off with some homemade Butternut Squash Soup. It sure was delicious, and it was my first time conquering the beast of a vegetable known as a butternut squash. Wowzers. That vegetable is tough. But so, so worth it.

We finished off the weekend with some scrumptious pumpkin cookies (with cream cheese frosting, of course). Just prior to our "La Cocina de Lewis" experience, we had unpacked a few last boxes from the move. Russ found these matching "his and her" aprons we had received from our wedding. If these cookies are the result, I might need to get Russ in that man-apron a little more often (or should I say Mapron?)

Happy Fall-ing everyone!


Amanda Jones said...

haha mapron.. that funny!

those cookies look delicious! You will have to post the recipes for both the soup and the cookies.

..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

Ha Ha! I need to get Johnny a mapron asap. Good job at conquering the butternut squash. I conquered one just yesterday.