Girls Weekend

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My mom and sister came to visit us last weekend! Having them here reminded me of how much I miss being able to see them all the time. Despite the minor set-back with the robbery, we still managed to have a fantastic girls weekend (plus Russ, of course).

Friday we started the day off with sleeping in and going for an awesome run in the park that is right by our house. It was a beautiful day in San Antonio. Mid 70's and sunshine. This is why people live in Texas, apparently. Russ had to work, but I took the girls down for the traditional San Antonio sight-seeing tour, including the Alamo, the Riverwalk (top right), Market Square, and we even ventured up to the temple in Stone Oak (bottom right).

Saturday took a little longer to get the day going as we were obviously trying to sort through the mess of being robbed, but managed to have a fun day up in Gruene (and the outlets, of course). We ate at the Gristmill, which is probably one of our favorite places in Texas so far. We had an awesome table down along the river (bottom left). And yes, Russ ordered the baby back ribs that you can see advertised on the table. Those ribs really do fall off the bone down here. After dinner we walked around the cute town of Gruene, and managed to pull Russ away from his beloved Texan treasures without any purchases (whew! That was close).

Thanks again Mom and Brittney for visiting us! We looooooooove visitors, and can't wait till the rest of our family gets to see where we live! (you know who you are.. hem hem... Natalie).


angelamclaws said...

I had loads of fun too! Thanks for being the 'hostess with the mostest!" See you soon.

Danielle said...

1) you are pretty and so is your family
2) russ buss...that fur hat is nasty and looks like it could be your hair and my heart stopped for a second and then I realized, oh good it's just a hat not a dead animal.