Goin' Public

Thursday, November 18, 2010

That's right my friends. The day you have all been waiting for! Our blog is no longer "private," so hurry up and put us on your Google Readers! For those of you who don't use Google Reader, you should look into it. All you need is an account through Google, and it's the best way to manage and read all of your blogs without clicking through a million different links. It's all in one cohesive page. Only public blogs can be seen through Reader... Hence, my loud proclamation you see above! :)

And in closing, you guys have been kind of quiet these days... so I hope y'all continue to stop on over to our actual blog and leave us some friendly comments. I really do love to hear from you guys. That's my only request. Anyway, happy Reader-ing!


Rachel and Jason said...

Don't you hate that? When you put your heart and soul into a post and...nada. Nothing. No comments. Lame. Welp, I say "no more" to no more comments! So, here's a comment for you because I love you. And miss you. Let's get together already. Sheesh!

Marcella said...

Great! We love good old Google reader. Cute font for your post too. I love it. You do such a fantastic job with your blog. PS did you see the groupon for today? Nordstrom rack 25 for 50 dollar credit! Of course I did it! Just thought I would give you a heads up.

rach said...

Oh snap!