Lewis Elm

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You know how when you move into a new place it seems to take forever until you have everything "put together?" It seems to be never ending, actually. Oh yeah, and kind of pricey. Why did no one ever tell you that decorating a house could literally clean your wallet out?

Needless to say, we have been attempting to budget and buy things on sale, re-purpose items we already owned, and even attempt some D.I.Y. projects. I have been wanting a simple, looooooong, black shelf for the bedroom for a while now. I have searched this massive city high and low, and the only shelf that seemed to fit the bill perfectly was from none other than West Elm. The Deep Picture Ledge was just what I wanted, except for the price tag, of course.

So on a whim we decided to make the Lewis Elm shelf, a literal recreation of West Elm's picture ledge.

We did have to buy a few tools, but I grew up with a father who never counts tools in the final price of a project. They are merely investments, you see. It seems Russ has inherited that trait. Here is a rough breakdown of supplies:

Wood: $3
Stain: $7
Wall Mounts: $2
Wood Glue: (already had)

Yup, that's it. Pretty straight forward. As I mentioned, I wanted it to be long. So we even added a foot onto the original West Elm's dimensions (theirs is 4 feet, mine is 5). Even better.

And how 'bout them vases? Remember them from long ago? I didn't mean to leave you hangin'. Anyway, we still have a ways to go with everything, but gosh darn... I think it's coming together!


Marcella said...

Benny said " oh wow! That's a hotel!" Looks great!

Rachel and Jason said...


Megan Barrick said...

I think I need you to come tell me how to put the finishing touches on some of our rooms. I'm feeling sort of stuck! The shelf looks just perfect!

Sada said...

Looks so good!! And now that I am a Lewis I think I might make one myself! Woo hoo!

Amanda Jones said...

I am very impressed! I love the shelf! Wish you could make me one! I also love the yellow flowers in your vases... where did you get them?

rach said...

love the yellow flowers, too. way to go, mealy&co!

Reeve family said...

Great job on your shelf! I know, it's so expensive to have a house!!! Can money please grow on trees! Hahah, just kiddin!

Camille Lewis said...

The flowers are from World Market! They have them in a green and a maroon color. I love the pop of color they add!