A Week of Thanks

Monday, November 22, 2010

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week!?!? When did that creep up so fast?? Either way, I'm so excited for this time of year. I know we are supposed to have a heart full of gratitude year-round, but I love how people around the world stop and take time to express gratitude especially at this time of year. I have so, so, so many things I am grateful for.

But rather than bore you all with a list of things I am grateful for, today I want to express my gratitude for my little brother. I look forward to his weekly emails and letters like a kid on Christmas morning. They're full of crazy Japanese stories, uplifting experiences from his mission, and funny Jace-isms. His optimism, faith, and perseverance is so inspiring. I hope to be like my little brother someday.

Being in Japan has apparently made Jace appreciate American food. He does love the food in Japan, but he has become especially obsessed with Navajo Tacos. He claims Mom used to make these all the time, but we are all a little surprised by this random obsession that he references nearly every week. I honestly don't remember eating these all the time growing up. But hey, whatever makes him happy. Look at that smiling face! I miss that goofy grin like no other. And man... I hope my little bro' doesn't show me up in the kitchen when he gets back. He's got that skillet flip down!

I am grateful for Jace and his example to me. I am grateful that I have a good relationship with my siblings. Family is really what it's all about, isn't it?

Now it's your turn -- What are you thankful for?


angelamclaws said...

Ditto! I too am so thankful for family--children who are always inspiring examples as they experience all the ups and downs of life. Also, I'm so grateful for good health, a great country to live in, and of course, the Gospel. See you soon!

Candace said...

I'm thankful for you in my life Camille! And I'm thankful for that grueling year we call the junior core. It was so difficult at times, but I learned so much in the process. Happy thanksgiving!

B said...

That navajo taco obsession is RANDOM - but then again, so is Jace. Happy to call you sister and him brother. I am a lucky girl too.

Can't wait to see you soon.