Christmas Craziness

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We are getting down to the wire here, people! Christmas is officially in T-minus 2 days! If it weren't for the Christmas music you here in every store, the decorations up in my house, or the absolutely insane traffic as everyone is out-and-about, I almost think I wouldn't know it's Christmas. With the warm Texas weather and the fact that I'm still sitting in my corner at work, it feels just like any other time of the year. And yes, our office is open on Christmas Eve. And yes, I will be going. Awesome.

One thing that makes me extremely happy every time I see it is my fridge. NO, not because of the food (although that is a great addition), but because of the happy faces and messages sent to us from friends and family across the nation. Living so far away from those we love is really hard sometimes (just ask Russ, he hears it often), so receiving Christmas cards this year was extra special. It was like a peace of home coming to Texas.

I cannot wait for Christmas Day to come. It is such a happy day, filled with the message of the birth of Jesus Christ, family, and time to relax and reflect on our many blessings. The other night Russ came home to me sitting in a dark room watching this video. I was totally immersed in it, and it left me contemplative and grateful. It was a great way to be reminded of the true reason we have this "crazy holiday." I hope we can all keep the real message in mind amongst the hustle and bustle. Life is good.


Reeve family said...

Have a great Christmas! I love how you put videos up from time to time.

becca said...

yay!!! my wedding announcement!

Candace said...

Oh Camille your Christmas card display is so pretty! And of course I'm happy to see mine in the bunch. I hope you and Russ have a merry Christmas!